2:35 trailer
Videography by Chris Randle, video editing by Peter Smida

Transverse Orientation unfolds in the space between two allegories taken from the Moth. On the one hand the idea of radical transformation: Moths undergo metamorphosis, becoming beings that don’t remotely resemble their previous incarnation. On the other hand, the idea of a mysterious source of distant guidance (or distraction); In travel, Moths find their orientation by keeping a fixed angle on a distant source of light.

Photo by James O’Mara


Rachel Meyer in collaboration with the dancers


Stéphanie Cyr, Ria Girard, Rachel Meyer, Christoph Von Riedemann, Maya Tenzer


Janna Sailor

Lighting Design

James Proudfoot


Heather Myers


Sara Armstrong

Costume Assistant

Lukas Daase

Set Design

Rachel Meyer

Production/Set Construction/Sound Engineer

Sylvain Senez

Graphic Design

Mike Seymour

Production Electrician

Jeff Harrison

Sound Editing

Nikola Tošić


The Caretaker, Anne Müller, Leyland Kirby, Masayoshi Fujita, Nicolas Jaar, Harold Budd


50 minutes

Photo by James O’Mara

8:50 trailer


July 2018
395 Alexander Street, Vancouver BC


Dancing on the Edge Festival, July 4-6, 2019
1490 E Georgia St., Vancouver BC



Choreographer Rachel Meyer

Contemporary dance takes flight in Dancing on the Edge Festival

Moth-inspired Transverse Orientation marks metamorphosis for dancer Rachel Meyer

Artists conjure hauntingly beautiful nocturnal worlds in a full night of dance