02:30 trailer

Videography and editing by Fahim Kassam

“Quartet is a loosely autobiographical work, casting a past version of myself dancing with my present self (8 months pregnant), and my unknown self of the future. We perceive time in a linear fashion, going from past to present to future. In Quartet, both the past and the future are intertwined with the present moment.”

Photo by Fahim Kassam

Rachel Meyer


Maya Tenzer, Rachel Meyer, Makaila Wallace

Lighting Design Consultant

James Proudfoot

Technical Director

Matt Oviatt

Production Electrician

Conrad Tugnum


Rachel Meyer

Technical and Artistic Advisor

Sylvain Senez

Set Design

Rachel Meyer

Program Design

Michael Seymour


The Caretaker, Jimmy Durante, Igor Stravinsky, William S. Burroughs & Gus Van Sant


40 minutes

09:00 trailer

Videography and editing by Fahim Kassam


March 2017
Strathcona Ukrainian Hall, Vancouver, BC